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About Floatech

Floatech International Inc. was formally established in 2001 with the primary goal of developing local expertise in the design and manufacture of equipment for the mariculture industry. An ISO 9001: 2008 accredited firm, Floatech also specializes in mooring system and customized cage nets.

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Our Commitment

We commit to providing the most dependable products for your mariculture needs. We use the finest raw materials and technology in building our products. Our technicians and engineers adhere to strict quality controls and standards to ensure that each product sold is worthy of the Floatech seal.

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Product Feature

Circular Cages

To get the best returns, invest in the best equipment. Floatech’s Circular Cages are durable and have a strong HDPE cage frame. These cages can withstand strong waves and are designed for open sea cage culture; and are ideal for culturing milkfish, rabbit fish, seabass, and cobia.

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Client Spotlight

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Aquaculture Growth Right: 5 Approaches

With the global wild fish catch stagnant and the human population increasing, aquaculture is here to stay. The world, therefore, needs to get its growth right—and ensure that fish farming contributes to a sustainable food future.